Bob Dylan: “People don’t understand how the press works”

Q: You’ve been very reluctant to talk to reporters, the press and so on …  why is that?

Dylan: Why would you think?

Q: Well, I know why you won’t go on those things.a-exposicao-photographs-of-bob-dylan-reune-fotos-feitas-por-daniel-kramer-durante-turne-do-bardo-entre-1964-e-1965-kramer-registra-a-metamorfose-do-artista-de-trovador-folk-a-icone-do-rock-n-roll-1353032415588_1920x1080.jpg

Dylan: Well, if you know why, you tell ’em … ’cause I find it hard to talk about. People don’t understand how the press works. People don’t understand that the press, they just use you to sell papers. And, in a certain way, that’s not bad … but when they misquote you all the time, and when they just use you to fill in some story. And when you read it after, it isn’t anything the way you pictured it happening. Well, anyhow, it hurts. It hurts because you think you were just played for a fool. And the more hurts you get, the less you want to do it. Ain’t that correct?

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