About us

Hi, I am Ashish Thakur, from Mumbai, India. I run this blog. we all deal with questions, some of them are futile, some of them are very-very important like what is the meaning of life, what is right and wrong, what should i choose, how should i choose and above all why should I choose? there are many-many floating questions but answers…?

as legendary Bob Dylan famously wrote :” the answer my friend is blowing in the wind”

so here i am trying to catch some wind and put into a cage so that maybe you find something worthy.

I try to pick the questions which are more universal in appeal so everyone can relate with them and find some meaning in answers. I don’t take credit for anything here except this blog idea. credits and copyrights are with the publishers. and the link and source to related  publisher is always mentioned at the bottom of the answer.

thank you very much for visiting. your feedbacks are most welcome.