“All poetry is an expression of exile”-Mahmoud Darwish

Q: Have any of your poems not been written from the state of exile? Is not the state of exile a realistic parallel to the state of a poet–every poet in the world– between homeland and exile?


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Darwish :It is possible to describe everything that I’ve written as the poetry of an exile. I was born an exile. Exile is a very broad concept and very relative. There is exile in society, exile in family, exile in love, exile within yourself. All poetry is an expression of exile or otherness. And when it parallels experience in reality, then it is a concentrated, compressed exile. I find it in every word that I search for in my dictionary. I am not complaining. Despite everything, exile has contributed greatly to the development of my writing. It allowed me to manage a journey between cultures, between peoples, between cities, between colors.

source : http://www.palestine-studies.org/jps/fulltext/162552