Connie Zweig:”our shadow hides outside the boundaries of our awareness”

London: I would imagine that many of us are unaware of our shadows and only encounter them through other people, in the form of projections.


Zweig: That’s right. By definition, the nature of the shadow is to hide. It hides outside the boundaries of awareness. Then it erupts spontaneously. It may erupt in an addiction, for example. But if it erupts in a projection, as you mentioned, you may have the experience of walking into a party, seeing a perfect stranger, and saying to yourself, “I can’t stand that woman! How could she behave that way?” That is your shadow speaking. There is a message there from a hidden part of yourself. There is information about your own psyche in that moment which, if you don’t begin to explore it, is like a letter that has been left unopened — you lose the message there. But if you begin to do shadow work and ask yourself, “What is it about that person I can’t stand, that is so unacceptable to me?” you will get the message.

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