Briana Wiest: “Once you see how powerful you really are, you won’t be able to unsee it”

You also talk about how we can control our perceptions/experiences through the power of our minds, which I strongly believe as well. Can you elaborate on this and how you came to believe this?


Wiest: Yes. This is huge. This is everything, really. This was the foundation of it all. Changing the way I think about the world, and myself, and my role and my self-efficacy completely changed my life. The way that I think informs the way I behave. The combination of those things creates most of my experience in the world. I needed solution-based thinking, not problem-based thinking, to understand unconscious biases that were affirming my fears, or making me think everyone is thinking about me, and judging me. I needed to understand that change and peace were possible. Until I could conceive of what that would look like for my life, it remained an impossibility. It will change everything, and more quickly than you think. Try it, just a little bit. Once you see how powerful you really are, you won’t be able to unsee it.

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