Briana Wiest: “Once you see how powerful you really are, you won’t be able to unsee it”

You also talk about how we can control our perceptions/experiences through the power of our minds, which I strongly believe as well. Can you elaborate on this and how you came to believe this?


Wiest: Yes. This is huge. This is everything, really. This was the foundation of it all. Changing the way I think about the world, and myself, and my role and my self-efficacy completely changed my life. The way that I think informs the way I behave. The combination of those things creates most of my experience in the world. I needed solution-based thinking, not problem-based thinking, to understand unconscious biases that were affirming my fears, or making me think everyone is thinking about me, and judging me. I needed to understand that change and peace were possible. Until I could conceive of what that would look like for my life, it remained an impossibility. It will change everything, and more quickly than you think. Try it, just a little bit. Once you see how powerful you really are, you won’t be able to unsee it.

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Seth Godin:”I don’t think my audience owes me anything”

Question: What are the five things that enabled you to be successful?


Seth Godin: If we define success as the ability to make a living doing what I do, I’d say the following:

  1. No ulterior motive. I rarely do A as a calculated tactic to get B. I do A because I believe in A, or it excites me or it’s the right thing to do. That’s it. No secret agendas.
  2. I don’t think my audience owes me anything. It’s always their turn.
  3. I’m in a hurry to make mistakes and get feedback and get that next idea out there. I’m not in a hurry, at all, to finish the “bigger” project, to get to the finish line.
  4. I do things where I actually think I’m right, as opposed to where I think succeeding will make me successful. When you think you’re right, it’s more fun and your passion shows through.
  5. I’ve tried to pare down my day so that the stuff I actually do is pretty well leveraged. That, and I show up. Showing up is underrated.

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